Ihre Ferienwohnung und Urlaubshauptquartier in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Kanada

Suans's Retreat | Bridge Street 5311 | Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 2T4 | Kanada |
Telefon: 289-296-9402 | Email: niag.falls@gmail.com | Sprachen: Deutsch/Englisch/Ungarisch/Kroatisch


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Es gibt mehr zu entdecken in Ontario - Offizielle Webseite

Täglich, ganzjährig 9 Uhr bis Sonnenuntergang (je nach Wetterlage). .An Weihnachten geschlossen.

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Der Kampf der Jakobiten gegen England, Ereignis in Fort Erie - Webseite erstellt von itcwebdesigns

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Am Grand River gibt es einiges zu entdecken - Webseite erstellt von itcwebdesigns

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Besuchen Sie dem Wasserpark im "Americana Conference Resort" in Niagara Falls. Sie müssen dort nicht übernachten - Webseite erstellt von itcwebdesigns

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When you book the accommodation it will be no more available to anyone else. Since we are only a private place we could lose a lot of revenue, which we cannot afford if someone would cancel a booking. We do or have done our part of the contract by holding the place for the guest.

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Any balance (if part payments were agreed upon) is due before check in or on check in as per agreement. The customer's credit card will be charged accordingly. In case of *NO SHOW* the whole amount is due and will be charged to the credit card immediately. There is no refund whatsoever if a guest leaves early.

However, there might be circumstances which make it necessary to cancel. In a case like this we refund the down payment less 20% (min. $ 50.00) for handling/bank fees
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We strongly recommend a travellers insurance to cover this part of your journey to avoid unpleasant memories. If you have additional questions or concerns please write. This policy is part of the accommodation agreement and posted on our web site.